Group Therapy - Child, Adolescent, Adult

Child, Adolescent, Adult
It has been said that some of the most powerful and comforting two words we can hear are “me, too.”   Group therapy is a popular and helpful treatment format for a number of concerns, and can allow you to hear “me, too” at a time when you may feel alone or misunderstood.   As the name suggests, group therapy involves clients meeting with one or two therapists as well as other group members.   Groups can be topical, focusing on a specific concern, such as anxiety, social skills, or grief/mourning, or they can be general, in which the members of the group may have different concerns and goals from one another.   Quite often, clients find it helpful to receive support from other group members about their concern, but they also benefit from the opportunity to provide support to others.  
LifeTrek has historically offered a variety of groups based on client interests and needs.  We invite our clients to request or express their interest in these or any other type of group.  Some of the kinds of groups conducted are listed below.   This list is not comprehensive, as groups can form around any topic, dependent on the needs of individuals and/or the desire for a group with a certain focus.
Grief/Mourning :   The period of adjustment and the emotions that follow a loss vary from person to person.   However, there are many commonalities to the process of mourning, and it can be helpful to know that you are not alone.   Group therapy can provide support and encouragement during this difficult time and maybe even allow you to uncover a renewed sense of hope and optimism.
Social Skills :   Some people naturally are able to interact well with others, and are easily able to read body language, start conversations, and maintain relationships.   For others, these skills do not come naturally, and challenges in these areas can hinder their ability to have the relationships they desire.   Social skills groups focus on learning and practicing the tools to help build strong relationships.  
Adolescent / Teen Groups :   Adolescents and teens have unique concerns and needs.   Emotional, physiological, and social changes can result in challenges that are often difficult to navigate.   LifeTrek offers separate groups for adolescent/teen boys and girls to provide them a supportive space to meet with peers, discuss their struggles, and receive support around the various concerns that arise at this stage in life.  
Caregiver Support :   Taking care of a loved one is a challenging role.   Often the various emotional needs of the caretaker are overlooked, misunderstood, or invalidated.   Group therapy can provide an outlet to discuss your unique emotional situation as well as receive support from others who may be in a similar place in life.