Psychoeducational / Learning Disability Assessment

Child, Adolescent, Adult


Sometimes, regardless of the amount of effort a person of any age puts forth into school or work, activities like reading, writing, performing math calculations, remembering details, or processing information quickly are difficult.   These difficulties often stem from a difference in the way information is learned, processed, and/or understood.   Psychoeducational assessment can help to explore the underlying causes of difficulties with these tasks and can provide information about an individualís learning style, with the goal of increasing the ability of a person to effectively do the activities that will lead to success in work and/or school.   


A common question regarding assessment is the fee for services.   The fee for testing is dependent on the nature of the referral question and the tests that will be most useful in addressing that question, and therefore is determined on a case-by-case basis.   To speak with a clinician about our testing process, please call 832-328-0008.